Can Lockheed Martin see my identifiable health information?

Your identifiable health information may not be used or disclosed by your health plan without your written permission, except as described in the Notice of Privacy Practices or as otherwise permitted by federal or state health information privacy laws.

Your health plan may disclose certain identifiable information to designated personnel at Lockheed Martin for the limited purpose of health plan administration. These designated personnel must in turn protect the privacy of the information, and may not disclose it further within Lockheed Martin (for example, it will not be disclosed to your manager or to Human Resources). Your information cannot be disclosed or used for employment related purposes without your permission.

Identifiable information about your health risks or conditions is not shared with Lockheed Martin. That means Lockheed Martin cannot see identifiable information about your health status or use it in any way to evaluate you, your fitness to perform your job, your eligibility for health care, or to limit, restrict or change the cost of your health care benefits while you are employed by Lockheed Martin or after you leave.

Importantly, federal law protects against a health plan sharing information about your health with your employer. This includes the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), which provides a national standard of privacy protection and is aimed at preventing misuse of protected health information. In particular, when it comes to employers, HIPAA is designed to make sure that your health information cannot be used in any type of personnel decisions.

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