Prescription Drug Transition of Care

“What is a "preferred" brand-name drug? How will my doctor know which drugs are preferred under the LM HealthWorks Plan?”

preferred brand-name drug is one that is listed on the plan’s formulary or preferred list of preferred prescription drugs. The LM HealthWorks Plan prefers these medications because they are safe, effective alternatives to other brands that may be more expensive.

The LM HealthWorks Plan uses the Preferred Prescription Formulary by Express Scripts. The formulary provides a list of common medications that are typically covered by your plan, including generic and brand-name drugs. Discuss the list of drugs on the formulary with your doctor before your prescription is written. Your doctor may see that there is a preferred drug that is appropriate for you. When your doctor prescribes a preferred brand-name drug, you pay less than if he or she prescribes a non-preferred brand-name drug (one that is not on the plan’s formulary).

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