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The HealthFund is an account that helps offset your annual deductible. It is an account set up for you by Lockheed Martin. You may build your HealthFund balance by completing certain Healthy Actions as defined by Lockheed Martin. As you incur covered medical expenses during the year, they are paid automatically from your HealthFund and applied toward the annual deductible. If there is a balance left in your HealthFund at the end of the year, it is rolled over and applied to the following year’s balance.


Healthways is a trusted LM HealthWorks Plan partner dedicated to helping people achieve their personal best health through proven health support techniques, evidence-based actions, and caring coaches.

Hospital Comparison Tool

The Hospital Comparison Tool is an online tool at Aetna Navigator that allows you to compare hospitals in your area according to measures you select. Some of the comparison measures include average inpatient stays, readmission rates and competencies in certain specialized or complex care.

Health History Report

The Health History Report is an online, claims-based report that shows health care services you received, when you received them and who provided them. Your Health History Report appears on your Aetna Navigator home page.

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