Glossary of Terms


Explanation Of Benefits

An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement is a brief report that explains what medical services were billed to your health plan and how the services were paid. It can be mailed to you and you may view it online at Aetna Navigator®.

Express Scripts

Express Scripts is Lockheed Martin’s prescription drug benefits provider, your source for pharmacy information and services. Medco and Express Scripts are now one company. The combined company is in the process of changing the name on all its communications to Express Scripts. Until the renaming process is complete, you may still see the Medco name in pharmacy communications and on the Web.

Eligible Expense

An eligible expense is one for which benefits may be paid under the LM HealthWorks Plan. This term also applies to expenses that may be reimbursed from a Health Care Spending Account or Dependent Care Spending Account. (See Flexible Spending Accounts.)

Emergency; Medical Emergency

An emergency is a serious and usually sudden threat to a person’s health or life resulting from illness or injury that requires immediate attention at a hospital or trauma center.

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