The LM HealthWorks Plan is more than health benefits. It’s a health resource.

Best-in-Class Resources

  • healthy-choices.gifPrograms that help you make healthy changes and better choices every day.

  • medical-icon.gifServices that let you talk with trained nurses to get health-related facts, advice and answers.

  • glossary-icon.gifResources that help you tap into a world of trusted references and tools for better health.

t is important that today’s health plan do more than just pay the medical bills. It needs to help you navigate the complex world of health care and provide information and support that is integrated to help you lead as healthy a life as possible.

Through partnerships with best-in-class health and wellness organizations, Lockheed Martin has created a plan that goes outside the boundaries of traditional health insurance. Although theLM HealthWorks Plan starts with a foundation of comprehensive coverage, it incorporates integrated programs and services to help you Know More, Stay Well, get the Right Care andFollow Through with your doctor — and your personal health goals.

From help with making lifestyle changes, to better ways to manage chronic health conditions, to a full suite of online health references and resources, it’s all here. What’s more, you get help to find and use what’s most meaningful and useful for you.

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