Locations of hospitals participating with Innovation Health

Innovation Health

Innovation Health, a collaboration between Aetna and INOVA Health Systems, is a system of doctors and hospitals based in the Northern Virginia area who are ready to help you meet health care goals, manage health conditions and assist if you need to be hospitalized. In addition, they will assign a navigator to help coordinate your care within the network. With Innovation Health you will save money and get quality, coordinated care while continuing to have access to Aetna’s network of doctors and Aexcel-designated providers.

INOVA’s 3,720+ doctors at five of America’s best hospitals* (located in Northern Virginia) will help you:    

    • Stay healthy and productive with wellness programs and preventive screenings
    • Manage conditions like diabetes, asthma and high blood pressure
    • Avoid unnecessary and costly repeat tests
*U.S. News &World Report, 2013-2014

Innovation Health is designed to provide a better patient experience. This physician-led network:

  • Aligns community physicians around quality
  • Provides a coordinated patient experience
  • Creates efficiency through physician-shared electronic medical records

To locate a doctor or facility, login to www.innovation-health.com and click on “Find a Doctor, Dentist or Facility”. The resulting Innovation Health/Aexcel doctors or facilities under the “Best Results for Your Plan” tab are those who will give you the richest benefits**. The “All Other Results” tab is Aetna’s broader network.

**If you are eligible for these benefits, your Aetna ID card will note Innovation Health in the upper left-hand corner (see below).

IH ID Card Sample.jpg

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