Your Action Plan


Your Action Plan

A good approach to getting the most from your health benefits and getting and staying healthy is to have a plan! Use this section of the LM HealthWorks Plan Web site to help you think of ways you can Know More, Stay Well, get the Right Care, and Follow Through in the months ahead!

When you click and open a “month” box below, you’ll see tips, reminders and some suggested steps to take each month. You can review past months and look ahead by using the directional arrows.

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April 2015

Be sure to take a look at the previous month's suggested steps.


  • Want more energy? Focus? Motivation? Learn how eating the right foods, at the right time, in the right amount can help.

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  • Get the Shot, Not the Flu

    • Talk to your primary care provider this month about receiving your flu shot to protect yourself and your loved ones.
  • Use Health Coaching to help hold you accountable for meeting your health goals

    • When you sign up, you’ll be paired with a personal health coach who will help you set or adjust your goals, stay in touch to track your progress, and give you the encouragement you need to stay motivated.
    • Call the LM HealthWorks Plan at 1-877-458-4975 and select option 3 to request a health coach.

April 2015

Want more energy? Focus? Motivation? Eating the right foods,at the right time, in the right amount can help. To get the most energy at meals, focus on foods that pack a lot of nutrition. Examples of foods that will provide lasting energy to power you through each day include whole grains, lean meats, nuts, low fat dairy, vegetables and certain fruits. Remember that how much you eat is equally as important as what and when you eat. Follow the Rule of 5: Five handfuls at each meal can help you to eat just the right amount to give you the best energy. Your hand is proportional to your size and energy (calorie) needs and a great measurement for how much you need.

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