Verifying Dependent Eligibility

One of the great features of Lockheed Martin benefits is the ability to cover eligible dependents. To build on our ongoing commitment of full compliance, employees with dependents enrolled in company-sponsored benefit plans must verify that their enrolled dependents meet the eligibility requirements as set forth in your plan.

Adding a new dependent

If you are adding a dependent to medical, dental or vision coverage, you must verify that your dependent meets the eligibility criteria for coverage. To verify your dependent’s eligibility, follow the prompts during your online enrollment process. If you are enrolling by phone, the service center representative will help you with this process.

When you enroll your dependent, you will be asked to answer straightforward questions, with no paperwork required at that time (except for grandchildren). Please note that you may be asked to provide dependent eligibility documentation at a later date. At the end, you will be asked to certify that the information provided is accurate, under penalty up to and including termination of employment. 

How to determine if your dependent is eligible

When you enroll for benefits, it is your responsibility to ensure that each covered dependent meets the eligibility requirements as defined by your plan. Eligible dependents as defined by Lockheed Martin-sponsored plans can include your spouse or child.

Please note that dependents that do not meet the specific eligibility requirements (for example, nieces and nephews) cannot be covered under Lockheed Martin-sponsored benefit plans (including medical, dental, vision, life and accident coverage) even if you have court-appointed legal guardianship. In addition, dependents do not include any individual who is also covered as an employee, former employee, or retiree under any other Lockheed Martin-sponsored medical plan or a medical plan where the Corporation is a participating employer.

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