To take advantage of all the benefits and programs that the LM HealthWorks Plan provides, you’ll need to be a plan member.


  • Check your enrollment materials for detailed instructions and other important benefits information.

One of the most important components of Lockheed Martin’s Total Value package is the benefit program made available to you. To ensure you are fully informed before making benefit decisions, please take time to learn about the LM HealthWorks Plan and the other benefits offered. By doing so, you gain a key advantage in achieving and maintaining your best possible health.

The LM HealthWorks Plan

Use this web site to learn about the LM HealthWorks Plan and all it has to offer. Read about the basics of the plan, use the Glossary and Frequently Asked Questions, and sample the online resources available to you. Finally, once you’ve enrolled, this web site will be here to help as you begin using the plan. We encourage you to visit often!

How to Enroll

Refer to your enrollment materials for detailed instructions on how to enroll and other important benefits information. You may also contact the Lockheed Martin Service Center toll free at 1-866-562-2363, or 1-800-833-8334 for the hearing impaired, if you have questions or need assistance. Representatives are available between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, except on holidays. You will need your LMPeople ID and LMESC PIN.

After initial enrollment, the next enrollment opportunity is generally Annual Enrollment, unless you experience a qualifying life event. The Annual Enrollment period is typically held each year in the fall for coverage elections effective at the beginning of the following plan year— January 1. Just prior to Annual Enrollment, you will receive detailed enrollment instructions.

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