Preventive Care

  • Take advantage of the plan’s generous preventive care benefits to get important exams and screenings.

  • Request health reminder emails about preventive screenings and immunizations from the Personal Health News Web site.

  • Preventive care services are typically covered at 100%, with no deductible and no coinsurance.

Of all the things you do to keep yourself and your family healthy, preventive care is especially important. Preventive care services include routine physical exams, immunizations and certain cancer screenings. The LM HealthWorks plan pays for covered preventive care services (typically paid at 100% with no deductible or coinsurance required) making it easy to take advantage of this benefit. So why not schedule that annual physical exam today and talk to your doctor about the preventive care that’s right for you?

Look it up: The Benefits Summary shows the guidelines and plan limits that apply to preventive care.

Make a Plan to Practice Prevention

Appropriate preventive care depends on your age, gender, family history and other factors. Talk with your doctor to see which preventive care services are right for you.

Find a primary care doctor. At DocFind, you can search for a primary care doctor to provide the preventive care services you and your family need.

Know Your Numbers

Preventive care includes screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, and height and weight. The results of these screenings—your “numbers” —can tell you and your doctor a great deal about the state of your health. They are generally done whenever you have a routine physical exam, but also may be recommended as part of a diagnostic doctor visit.

When you know your numbers, you Know More about your health. Be sure to ask your doctor’s office to contact you—by telephone or mail—with the results of your screenings. Use them to complete your Well-Being Assessment (WBA). Then Follow Through with your doctor for an explanation of your results and steps you can take to improve them, if needed.

An Important Reminder

When you visit the doctor’s office for routine preventive care, make sure the staff knows that theLM HealthWorks Plan typically covers these services at 100%. Deductibles and coinsurance do not apply. It’s important that they understand that your visit is for routine services (and not for services related to a specific health condition or problem that are not considered routine. Those services may likely be subject to deductibles and coinsurance).

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